Wednesday, January 27, 2010


And yes even though any mammal with internet access can have one as well I still feel a sense of accomplishment. Not for any feat of digital wizardry but for the fact that i finally got around to it.

Myself like many people with apposable thumbs was initially opposed to blogs, largely for the dumb as fuck name. The asisninity of the meaningless name perfectly captured the inherent nothingness of our culture.

I thought I wasn't an early adopter. As John Stewart quips in his polemic against the mass medias bandwagoning of twitter, "New does not automatically equate to good". I realized however I was only not an earlier adopter to things I hadn't discovered first. Resistence to internet weblogs was only an insecurity: "What if i throw a blog and nobody comes." (on a side note it's funny that blogger recognizes the word blogging, blogger, and blogs but not weblogs, their origin name, in its spell checker)

I overcame this wariness of blogging when I began this january to be required to post to a blog as part of a graduate seminar in digital arts and science. What really brougth me around to the power of blogs was the realization that you do not write blogs for others but for yourself. I now have my own personal searchable database of everything i've written or ever thought was cool. Also i didn't want this awesome name to be taken by a schmoe.

So in the spirit of blogs i leave you with a probable misquote, as Yogi Berra famously said "Blogging is 90% mental and the other half is physical."


Obligatory F1RST POST!!!WOOT!