Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to Blogging

Wow so I feel really bad for neglecting this blog for so long, its just been a really hectic semester. So many new developments. My goal is to get back to my daily update schedule since I have so much new content that I have created and new projects to showcase.

In addition to my hectic school schedule I have also started two internships. I have begun work as an interface designer for an awesome new web start-up company called Youtorial. Check them out! Youtorial is a new approach to online tutorials and learning.

I have also begun an internship redesigning the website for the venture capital firm Inflexion.

If all that isn't enough I have also finally started developing my augmented reality mobile device application for Droid. All those hours of Java tutorials and exercises that I have been forcing myself to do since March are finally paying off. I never thought I'd say it but I can code!

And just to top things off I am enrolled in one of the coolest courses I have ever taken, digital fabrication, in which I am learning to use 3D printers, laser cutters, and 3D scanners. I will have some cool pics to put up of all that is involved in that.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out of town

Sorry I haven't been updating much this week but I have been out of town. When I have some time later this evening I will be sure to post some new and MIND BLOWING things and get back to the update a day schedule.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Disposable culture

My girlfriend and I live in a house on a relatively busy street corner for Gainesville. Because of this I occasionally find rubbage in our front yard that has been discarded by degenerates, laggards, or bums. Typically its just a beer can or a Styrofoam cup but what i found today reminded me what type of society we live in. While I was cleaning the front porch i noticed a wal-mart bag idling on the outskirts of our yard. When I picked it up to dispose of it I discovered that inside it contained the ripped up packaging for a new cell phone AS WELL AS THE OLD PHONE, battery and all! This asshole was so eager to get to his new piece of technology that he couldn't even wait to get back from the store to discard of his old phone properly, much less to be bothered to recycle or donate it. 20 years ago cell phones were a breakthrough not to mention extremely expensive. 10 years ago cell phones were a convenience and a still a luxury for some. Today they have the same value as a beer can or Styrofoam cup. Disposable culture.

One of my paintings

I just felt like putting this up here. This is an oil painting I did about three years ago. It is one of my first attempts at painting but I still really like the finished work. Painting is something I would really like to get back into given the time...
The painting is a depiction of one of the vistas of The Void Castle, This is the terrace of the banquet hall of the bodhisattva.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Top secret: work in progress

Here is some top secret pics of one of my works in progress.
I used some of the foam block you saw in the last post to carve this. It will be a housing for an arm mounted radio frequency locator used to track down my radio emitting guerrilla sculptures. After carving the foam I than began to smooth it out and add texture by skinning it in plasticine. When It is done I will make a silicone rubber mold of the positive and make a polyurethane resin cast. After the resin model is made it will house the LCD, Arduino, and Radio receiver you see in the pic below. The LCD and speaker let you know when you are getting close to one of my radio frequency emitting sculptures. You will be able to wear the piece on your forearm.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mold making!

I recently made myself some plexiglass mold walls and got to mold making!

I like using plexi-glass for mold walls so that you can see that whatever material you are pouring is getting even distribution (but really it just looks cool).
I decided to pour a block of rigid polyurethane foam so that I could carve it into positives for other sculptures, specifically for my line of wearable arduino enabled reactive sculptures which I will show you some progress on in tomorrows post!

I really like to carve in foam because you can use all of the wood carving tools like gouges and never have to worry about the grain. Foam carving is easy breezy baby.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Local Art Show

Went to a local art show this last weekend in Gainesville with Francesca. Some of our friends from undergrad turned this old church building into a gallery and host shows about once every month. Every time they have a new show they completely repaint the interior of the gallery turning the space itself into an art installation.

Here are some pictures of the gallery walls and the paintings. The gallery used to be called Daacha but I believe they are now calling it "The Church of Holy Colors".