Saturday, August 7, 2010

Disposable culture

My girlfriend and I live in a house on a relatively busy street corner for Gainesville. Because of this I occasionally find rubbage in our front yard that has been discarded by degenerates, laggards, or bums. Typically its just a beer can or a Styrofoam cup but what i found today reminded me what type of society we live in. While I was cleaning the front porch i noticed a wal-mart bag idling on the outskirts of our yard. When I picked it up to dispose of it I discovered that inside it contained the ripped up packaging for a new cell phone AS WELL AS THE OLD PHONE, battery and all! This asshole was so eager to get to his new piece of technology that he couldn't even wait to get back from the store to discard of his old phone properly, much less to be bothered to recycle or donate it. 20 years ago cell phones were a breakthrough not to mention extremely expensive. 10 years ago cell phones were a convenience and a still a luxury for some. Today they have the same value as a beer can or Styrofoam cup. Disposable culture.